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Peter isn't on the list, soooo I'm not saying he's the befactor but! he's most likely the benefactor.


I really don’t know why Peter isn’t on the list, but honestly, I think a lot of more supernatural creatures aren’t on the list. The population of Beacon Hills is 30 thousand, are you telling me only around 40 of them are supernatural?

Peter isn’t on the list because either the Benefactor doesn’t know he’s alive or they want to make it look like Peter is behind it, because what do you think is going to be the pack’s first reaction when they all see the rest of the list? That’s right. "Why the fuck isn’t Peter on it?"

Also, yes, Peter wants power, but what kind of power does he gain from having a family of Wendigos who mind their own business killed? Or a Banshee who is locked up in a psychiatric institution? He gets absolutely nothing out of that. Plus, how would he even know about Meredith in the first place?

Peter wants to become an Alpha again, and right now there are two Alphas in the town, Scott and Satomi, and both of them are on the list, which means any assassin can go and kill them. But Peter needs to kill an Alpha with his bare hands to become one, so why on Earth would he put them on a hit list and pay someone else to kill them? That just doesn’t make any sense.

There’s also the argument that Peter killed the Mute so he wouldn’t give out any information, but I doubt the Mute knew who the Benefactor is. None of the assassins know, as Kate found out. I believe Peter killed the Mute because he’s “a creature of habit” and what habit Peter has? That’s right, revenge. And getting a tomahawk in his chest is enough of a reason for Peter to kill the other person. People often ask why didn’t Peter kill him in the loft, but they are forgetting he had a freaking wolfsbane laced tomahawk in his chest, he can be glad he got out of it alive. And let’s not forget Peter gave Derek the Mute’s glove so they could look into it. Why would he give Derek and the Sheriff the glove so they can access it if he tried to keep the Benefactor thing under the lid?

Also, Peter wants his money back. It wasn’t “stolen”, it was stolen. He’s willing to pay Braeden to find the money, bitches to Derek about having to get a job, and tells Kate that he obviously wants his money back with a look on his face that says “I’m going to burn down the entire state to find my money”. There’s nothing that would convince me that Peter would spend all 117 million on paying assassins to kill the supernatural beings in BH.

And even though if he did, if he did it to get rid of any potential threats, Meredith is not a threat. A family of Wendigos are not a threat. Whatever Parrish is, so far he doesn’t seem like a threat. You know who’s a threat to Peter’s agenda? Stiles and the Sheriff. Deucalion. Deaton and Morrell. Chris Argent. The Calaveras. Braeden. If Peter was really getting rid of competition and threats, he would get rid of all these people in the first place.

Also, how could he know about Liam? Do you think Derek or anyone just came up to him and told him about Liam? Everyone hates Peter, it’s not like they share any information with him willingly. Also, putting Malia on the list? Doesn’t make sense. She’s his daughter and both Ian and Jeff hinted that Peter is going to try to use her. So why just put her on the list for any assassins to have the option to kill her?

And he’s teaming up with Kate now. She is on the list. Right now he needs to use her, not get her killed. Kate also got the tape that told her about the triskelion. It was the Benefactor’s way to make her get Derek open the vault for her so the Benefactor could get in and steal the money. The person tricked both Kate and Peter.

Peter uses people in the first place, he doesn’t just kill them.

So, saying that Peter is the Benefactor purely because he’s not on the list and because he wants power is not an argument strong enough for me to think Peter really is the Benefactor. I might be wrong, I might be right. Right now I don’t believe Peter is the Benefactor and won’t believe it until the Benefactor is revealed.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) Dir.: Peter Jackson

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) Dir.: Peter Jackson


Supernatural season 9 gag reel


That’s the 1st thing that came into my mind after seeing this pic.



1. He looks nice when he’s giving speeches

2. He looks nice.

3. He looks.

4. He exists.

DETECTIVE HALE: THE JUSTICE OF BEACON HILLS. which explains why everyone keeps dying. 

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Growth is painful. Change is painful.But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.
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do u ever come across some people who are just SO wrong that you cant even argue with them because the sheer amount of bullshit they are spewing is overwhelming


when you catch up on a tv show and run out of episodes to watch and feel empty and lost inside


Jordan “I’m slightly offended that I’m only worth 5 dollars on this hitlist and not at all concerned that I’m even on the hitlist in the first place.” Parrish